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Yoga Classes 

Yoga Class: Our classes are designed to bring together a sangha/tribe of all-abled bodies to practice the work of yoga on the mat: encouraged, strengthened, nourished and emboldened to live the life of yoga off the mat and into the world. Classes are held daily with several signature classes as well as seasonal classes sprinkled into the mix to honor the seasons and the circadian rhythms found in nature. All classes are taught by seasoned yoga professionals in spaces equipped to support your individual practice, even in a class setting; some classes are themed as flow to allow a freestyle expression of poses for self-exploration while others are led with specific instructions and guided purposes. Yogi's choice!

Upcoming Classes

We offer Daily Public Yoga Classes in Edison NJ. Click on the day below to find out class offerings and teacher schedules.



ayurveda & yoga

The Inseparable Sisters: Ayurveda & Yoga. Yoga cures the Body as Ayurveda cures the Soul.  Ayurveda, the Truths of Life and Yoga, the Truths of Mind & Body together make a life worth living. 

These "Sister Sciences" are interrelated branches from the same Vedic Root of Wisdom; each spanning its own respective 8 limbs weaving in and out of each other yet covering all the remedies to vibrantly thrive within the physical body, energetic body and the mind-body from SA-TA-NA-MA (birth, life, death, rebirth). 

breathwork & Yoga 

The research clearly indicates that the science behind the breath as an instrumental revelatory healing agent  to easing anxiety, lifting depression, and reducing stress are simply profound & utmost extraordinary. 

Pain Management & Yoga

From Healthy Aging to Chronic Back Pain, the pains of Childbirth to the pains of Grief, the post-effect of injury to the post-effect of surgery, Yoga is increasingly being recommended by doctors as the antidotal prescription to pain management. Teamed together with your health providers, integrating Yoga Therapy has proven  lasting effects on improving life and the capacity to subside, if not, alleviate, pain for good. And for people suffering from pain, in all of its manifestations, that is empowering. 


small group sessions | private yoga | Intimate Class Settings 

movement Therapy

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Movement Rx

Group Workshops: 

Our Movement Rx workshops are designed to bring awareness and align to the needs of the participants. We offer workshops for 6 to 8 weeks empowering individuals on how to purposefully manage their conditions, ailments and/or disease with breath, mind & body. 

From Ayurvedic workshops to Yoga for Chronic Back Pain to Relaxation Bootcamps, we provide evidence-based therapeutic practices using breath, body and mind that embody the individual and empower them to feel the science behind Yoga. 

Private Yoga Sessions:


Yoga Therapy

"Yoga Therapy is the application of Yoga Science & Philosophy to specific human impediments. These impediments may occur in any aspect of the human condition, appearing as physical symptoms, during undesirable habits, behavioral patterns & feeling states such anxiety, lethargy or simply as a vague sense of wanting more in life. 

Yoga's all encompassing nature allows us to act holistically within each person; in addressing specific obstructions, yoga can act preventatively, restoratively, pallatively or curatively depending on the unique circumstances of the individual."

 ~ Dr. Jaime Stover-Schmitt, Ed.D., C-IAYT, Director of Spanda Yoga



Yoga Course offerings

  • Yoga for Chronic Back Pain

  • Yoga for Chronic Shoulder Pain

  • Yoga for Vibrant Aging

  • Relaxation Bootcamp

  • Yoga for Pelvic Floor Stability

  • Yoga for Expectant Mothers

  • Yoga for Post-Rehab/Post-Surgery

  • Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

  • Yoga for Veterans