Q: Can you provide me with clinical research on Yoga & back pain? i want to ensure that i do not further injure my spine.

A: Certainly. Here's the link to the clinical research on yoga & structural changes on clients with back pain. The study emphasizes that yoga doesn't not change your physical structure but does, however, provide you with the tools to manage pain and anxiety often accompanied with back pain. 

Q: Can you provide me with information on ayurveda and yoga improving the quality of healthy living?

A: According to the International Journal of Yoga, Yogic practices inhibit the areas responsible for fear, aggressiveness and rage, and stimulate the rewarding pleasure centers in the median forebrain and other areas leading to a state of bliss and pleasure. This inhibition results in lower anxiety, heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and cardiac output in students practicing yoga and meditation.

Q: I'm in Chronic pain after my surgery and i'm too afraid that physical exercise will make my pain worse. 

A: We understand; pain is difficult to endure mentally and physically. However, the Cochrane Library studies show that Muscle Soreness that sometimes occurs with starting a new exercise subsides as the participants adapts to the new activities. The study of  19,642 participants shows physical activity in general is acceptable and unlikely to cause harm in people with chronic pain, many of whom may have previously feared it would increase their pain further.

Q: My ob/gyn tells me that yoga during my pregnancy is good for me. can you explain why?

A: Relaxation and yoga may have a role with reducing pain, increasing satisfaction with pain relief and reducing the rate of assisted vaginal delivery.