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Yoga @ Work

Mindful Based Stress Reduction {MBSR}, formerly known as a Corporate Yoga & Mindfulness Program, is a structured 8 week series teaching constructive technique to combat low to high, short-term and long-term stress in the workplace; empowering individuals to approach stress and/or physical pain with composure, clarity and workplace conducive capacity while supporting organizations up, down and across.

If your organization is seeking to cultivate an environment to increase employees capacity to positively and enthusiastically care for their mind & body, their environment, their surroundings and peers, which studies have proven increases productivity, work output, as well as increases job retention, please contact Gabriel at

Yoga @ School

Launching May 2019 for the Fall 2019 to Spring 2020 Academic school year.

Yoga @ Home

Concierge Yoga offered in select locations within Metro New York and New Jersey, contact for details.