Ayurveda Fact 1

Ayurveda "The Science of Life"  thousand-years old wisdom behind 8 distinct areas health & longevity, from Rejuvenation & Anti-aging,  Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, and ENT {Ears/Eyes/Nose/Throat} to Toxicology,  Gynecology & Pediatrics, Reproductive Issues and Surgery. Ayurveda prides itself on defining one's own uniqueness and then customizing solutions to fit the individual and not the other way around, like in most Western healing traditions.

Working with our Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, a professional certified by the Himalayan Tradition, mentored by Kathryn Templeton and Dr. Carrie Demers of The Himalayan Institute, through the lineage of the late Swami Rama, affords you an opportunity to begin your journey towards rejuvenation and anti-aging by uncovering the root of common chronic ailments, creating a lifestyle that honors your unique place at present day and partake in daily healthy practices, using nutrition and yoga, that will restore your immunity, radiance and vitality for years to come. 

Ayurveda fact 2

With a strong emphasis on prevention, Ayurveda is designed to thwart potential future illnesses and diminish the effects of ailments derived from previous poor habits, behaviors, thoughts and patterns. The key to this aspect of prevention and restoration is wholistic balance. 

As opposed to Western treatments, Ayurveda looks at the whole of a being: emotionally, physically, and mental/spiritually. Often times, our ailments spawn from our thoughts and those thoughts are carried into our actions. Our actions embed into our lives forming us as creatures of habit and bodies of past experiences. These experiences, physical manifestations of thoughts, can cause diminishing gains, debilitating pain, and eventually suffering. In the West, we call it repetitive stress, stress fractures, bad habits, trauma, obsessions and even addiction. 

Ayurveda uses your unique ID, we call it constitution, as a roadmap back to balance. By analyzing key details about your current stage of life, nutrition, daily activities, your environment and your motivations in life, we design a unique plan to help re-pattern the body, mind and spirit into a more balanced state. 

ayurveda fact 3

Our Planet Earth is the macrocosm; Our Living Body is the microcosm. Everything that exist outsides of us also lives within. From the Powers of Wind, Fire, Water, Earth and Space that we experience through our eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin, we also experience the same powers in the intricate systems of the body: The Movement of Wind in our Circulation, The Heat of Fire in our Digestion, The Fluidity of Water in our Vitality, The Grounding of the Earth in our Body, and the Infinite Possibilities of Space in our Minds.

And these qualities are refined to describe three main energies: Vata (Space & Movement), Pitta (Fire & Light), Kapha (Grounding & Nurturing). For most of us, we exhibit all three energies in a wide amalgam of proportions. This is why Ayurveda is highly personal, customized to the individual and not a one size fit all method of therapeutic practices.